Tr*mp Resignation Parade
Do the right thing, Don...
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Why 'Tr*mp'?

Since history will probably put an asterisk on all mentions of the current (2018) president of the US, we have opted to conserve space in future publications by embedding the asterisk in his name. This will save a whole lot of typing and for print publications a whole lot of ink, and may actually contribute to slowing of global warming, much like Tr*mp's departure itself.

Recent Member Updates

nonsmocker 03-Mar-2021
Though his term has expired, the joy of his departure continues unabated.
nonsmocker 02-Oct-2020
Announcement of Trump's coronavirus infection increases the odds of a parade this year.
flock 29-May-2020
Special Covid-19 offer, while they last.

flock 25-Sep-2019
Is Mexico funding on the horizon? Unconfirmed report.

flock 25-Sep-2019
Impeachment inquiry could accelerate parade plan; order your tickets soon!
nonsmocker 23-May-2019

arc 22-Aug-2018
Paul Simon must be ecstatic. We're actually hearing the Sound of Silence. It's coming from our tr*mpeteer friends, who cannot think of...
Frank Alexander 20-Aug-2018
Looking forward to this bigly.
Site Administrator 20-Aug-2018
Testing the Forums now. Still a few things to iron out.
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