Tr*mp Resignation Parade
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Parade Log
Reader Suggestion: Ask Mexico to Pay for the Parade
A member-participant has suggested that Mexico be asked (invited) to pay for the parade. Mexican oficials had no immediate comment, except to say they appreciated the thought.
'Goal: Full House' Say Parade Organizers
The thousands of empty seats along the route of President Tr*mp's inaugural parade should be easy to fill for the resignation event, according to some parade supporters.

Tr*mp Parade Site 'Inaugurated'
A recent post on Facebook suggested substituting a Tr*mp Resignation Parade for the now-postponed "Military Parade" that was perhaps intended to garner the admiration of Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un and other totalitarian leaders. Seemed like a good idea to us.

This site is intended to crowd source the best way to plan, organize and produce such a parade. Feel free to join in. All comments are welcome, but the emphasis will be on getting the job done as soon as possible. The tools available are as follows.


Join the site and sign in each time you return. Membership is free We don't spam your mailbox or sell your information. Use the Updates feature of your member profile to post comments that will echo in other parts of the site.


The Discussions section is available for running conversations on plans and problems. It's probably not necessary to argue or justify reasons for having the parade. As participation grows we will split off additional forums and topics if needed.


We'll post news of general interest in the News. If you want to apply to be a reporter, use the Inquiries form and select the Become a Reporter option.


Have a question? Check the FAQ first. If you have other questions use the Inquiries form, select Questions and send it in. We'll answer real questions as fast as possible. Diatribes and vilifications will be publicly attributed along with the sender's email.

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